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Genesis Genealogy chart

What can we learn from the Genealogy?

  • It gives us the line from Adam from which Jesus will come Luke 3:23-38

  • Remember Ruth (i.e. the book of Ruth and great grandmother of King David), she was a Moabitess. What is a Moabitess? She was from the people decending from Moab. So who is Moab? He was the illegitate son of Lot, Abraham's nephew.

  • In Ezekiel a reference is made to Gog and Magog. These are places settled by these people. If we look at Noah's son Japhet, we find that these were two of his sons.

  • As you can see, the geneology branches many times. But only one branch is followed all the way through. That is the branch to Jesus. This is a testamony of His foreknowlege and plan. That we might believe in Jesus Christ and receive eternal life.

  • You probably will discover much more. GOD has given us this Geneology for this reason.


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